Protecting the Environment and Health of Bergen County through Sustainable Wastewater and Solid Waste Services since 1951.

The Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) is responsible for wastewater treatment for forty-seven Bergen County municipalities and solid waste management services for all seventy Bergen County municipalities. The BCUA's two wastewater treatment facilities process over 83 million gallons per day of wastewater. Innovative programs developed during the past several years, including the construction of a cogeneration facility and implementation of an energy master plan, have not only reduced costs at both the treatment facilities, but have also significantly reduced the BCUA's carbon footprint through the use of biogas to create clean energy. The BCUA's solid waste programs such as the household hazardous waste collection, electronic recycling, and school education programs have benefited the environment of Bergen County by reducing the amount of hazardous waste and electronics entering the waste stream and educating thousands of children of the benefits of recycling and source reduction. The BCUA services the residents and businesses of Bergen County with pride and a commitment to a cleaner environment.