RDI/I Reduction & SSO Elimination Program

The BCUA has prepared and adopted five and twenty-five year work plans for long-term capacity assurance for the BCUA’s Little Ferry and Edgewater water pollution control facilities (WPCFs).  The work plans address sanitary wet weather related sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) in the municipal wastewater collections systems, BCUA intercepting sewers and pump stations, and emergency by-passing of excessive storm flows at both WPCFs through a rain-derived infiltration and inflow (RDI/I) reduction plan.

Under the five-year plan, due to reasons of economy, parts of or all of eleven towns with the worst RDI/I during wet weather; based on a consulting engineering firm’s study and report or reported wet weather related SSO problem were chosen to participate under the first phase.  The towns include Haworth, Maywood, South Hackensack, Cresskill, Palisades Park, East Rutherford, Teaneck, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Cliffside Park, and Tenafly.  The BCUA’s long term RDI/I Reduction and SSO Elimination Plan will primarily serve to remove clear water basement sump pumps and storm water roof drains from local public wastewater collection systems and repair leaky building sewer connections in private property on a voluntary basis. Under the BCUA’s RDI/I Reduction and SSO Elimination Plan, all towns in the BCUA service are will be requested to participate over the next 25 years.

The BCUA has also prepared and is distributing important information on the RDI/I and SSO Elimination Plan to municipalities and homeowners by establishing a program hotline number (201-807-5825) for homeowners in the BCUA service area to request on-site assessment of their basement sump pumps and roof leader drainage system and to purchase rain barrels for roof drainage at cost under the BCUA’s incentive program.  Click here for a copy of the “Homeowner’s Guide to Rain-Derived Infiltration and Inflow Reduction and Elimination of Sanitary Sewer Overflows.”