Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste

From Your House
Aerosols Appliance & Flashlight Batteries Button Cell-Mercury Batteries
(camera, calculator, hearing aid, watch, etc.)
Bug Sprays Chlorine Bleach Disinfectants
Drain Cleaners Dyes Fire Extinguishers
Floor Care Products Floor Wax Fluorescent Lamps
Furniture Polish Mercury Thermostats/Thermometers Oven Cleaners
Polish Removers Spray Dust Cleaners Stains
Spot Removers Toilet Cleaners Upholstery/Carpet Cleaners
From Your Workshop
Alcohol Paints (Automobile, Marine, Model, Oil & Latex, Primer, Stripper, Waterproof) Creosote
Cutting Oils Driveway Sealers Glues
Linseed Oil Mineral Spirits Naphtha
Paint Brush Cleaners Polyurethane Coatings Rust Removers
Shellacs Lacquers Turpentine
Thinners Varnish Wood Stain & Preservative
From Your Garden
Algaecides  Ant & Roach Powder  Bug Sprays, Sticks & Creams 
Fertilizer  Fly Strips  Fungicides 
Garden Dusts & Sprays  Herbicides  Insecticides 
Rat & Rodent Poison Weed Killer   
From Your Garage
Antifreeze Auto Batteries or Battery Acid Brake Fluid
Car Wax with Solvents Diesel Fuel & Gasoline Engine Cleaners
Fuel Oil Gas & Diesel Additives Kerosene
Metal Polishers Motor Oil & Additives Oil Filters
Transmission Fluid & Additives    
Artists' Paint & Mediums BBQ Propane Cylinders Chemistry Kits
Fiberglass Epoxy Gun Cleaning Solvents Lighter Fluids
Moth Balls and Flakes