Nature Preserve

The BCUA Nature Preserve is located in an important wildlife area, bordering both the Losen Slote Creek Park and the Richard P. Kane Natural Area. The Nature Preserve is considered a remnant lowland forest with coastal indications. The self-guided trail inside the preserve is approximately 1½ miles long and features observation sites that include an observation deck and an outdoor classroom section. This trail encircles Mehrhof Pond, which was formerly a clay pit for a brick manufacturing company that occupied the property until the 1940s. All the plant life that embellishes the Nature Preserve is indigenous to this area.

Not only does the Nature Preserve include an abundant array of plant life, it is also part of the North Atlantic Flyway, which means an astounding number of waterfowl can be sighted in the area or on the pond throughout the year. The BCUA Nature Preserve is considered a "hotspot" for birders and bird-watching organizations.