User Charge/Cost Recovery

The operations of the Water Pollution Control division are financed solely through service charges to participating municipalities which have contracted with the authority for the disposal of all or part of the sewage originating within the municipality, with charges based upon the quality and quantities of sewage discharged into the authority system as follows:

Tier I Sewer Charges

User fees collected from municipal and industrial members that comprise the BCUA's annual operating and debt service budgets. The Tier I charges consists of an O & M Charge and a Debt Service Charge. The O & M Charge consists of a Flow Charge, a BOD Charge and a TSS Charge. Tier I sewer charges apply to direct connected customers of the BCUA.

Tier II Sewer Charges

To enable a municipality to collect a "fair share" user charge from both tax exempt and significant industrial/commercial users. A significant industrial/commercial user is one whose establishment contributes either 25,000 gallons per day of flow, 41.7 pounds of BOD, or 50 pounds TSS to the sanitary sewer system. This corresponds to BOD and TSS concentrations of 200 mg/l and 240 mg/l, respectively. The Tier II charge consists of an O & M Charge, which includes a Flow Charge, a BOD Charge and a TSS Charge.