About BCUA

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We believe that serving our Bergen County customers with excellence is our most important job. We will always maintain a constant vigil in the interests of health and well-being of our customers. We will adhere to all laws, regulations, and statutes. We will endeavor to provide efficient and cost-effective services. We will build a solid reputation of responsiveness, responsibility, and ethical business practices. We will maintain our facilities and systems as though they were our own. We will always strive to gain and maintain the public's trust and confidence so we remain the Bergen County's agency of choice to provide the services well into the twenty-first century.

Mission Statement

The BCUA's mission is to provide wastewater treatment and solid waste management services for the citizens of Bergen County. Our mission requires that we serve our customers, our staff, our suppliers, and our investors with excellence.

We will serve our citizens and customers by providing continuous wastewater treatment and solid waste management in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and sound engineering practices. We will provide technical assistance and engineering expertise to our citizens and customers and to our regional neighbors in the spirit of mutual cooperation and trust. We will serve our staff by providing them with meaningful employment, effective and caring leadership, and opportunities to excel in a culture of mutual trust, respect, and dignity.

We will provide our staff with the tools and training to enable them to continuously improve both professionally and personally. We will promote synergy among our workers by building teams. We will work together to effect continuous quality improvement throughout all our processes and systems.

We will serve our suppliers by encouraging open and continuous communications to ensure successful results in all our endeavors. Our suppliers of services and products will always be treated with professional courtesy, dignity and respect. Our business relationships with our suppliers of products and services will always be in keeping with the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

We will serve our investors by conducting our business with integrity, by maintaining our facilities and system as though they were our very own, by insistence on the highest quality at the lowest price, and by maintaining constant vigilance of the public's trust.