Leadership & Staff

The Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) is a public utility providing sewage disposal for forty-seven (47) municipalities in Bergen County and solid waste services for seventy (70) municipalities in Bergen County. The BCUA board is comprised of commissioners who are appointed by the county executive with the consent of the Bergen County Board of Commissioners. The BCUA statutory authority is 40:14B-1.

Board of Commissioners

  • Ronald Phillips, Chairman
  • Louis J. DeLisio, Vice Chairman
  • Bruce Bonaventuro, Commissioner
  • Bryan J. Drumgoole, Commissioner 
  • Daniel Gumble, Commissioner
  • Thomas S. Kelley, Commissioner
  • Peter C. Massa, Jr., Commissioner
  • Diane T. Testa, Commissioner
  • Jon Warms, Commissioner
  • Michael Henwood, Authority Secretary

Executive Staff

  • Executive Director, Robert E. Laux
  • Deputy Executive Director/Director of Solid Waste, Richard D. Wierer
  • Deputy Executive Director/Director of Human Resources, Michael Bellucci
  • Director of Engineering, Dominic DiSalvo