Composting/Yardwaste Management

Composting allows residents the opportunity to turn their yard waste and kitchen scraps into something useful - rich garden soil. This is a form of recycling that can be done from beginning to end in your own backyards. Backyard compost bins turn vegetative kitchen scraps, coffee grinds, tea bags, grass clippings, brown leaves, and dead garden plants into nice crumbly compost. This compost can be used in your vegetable and/or flower gardens.

Compost bins known as "Earth Machines" are available for purchase throughout the year at a reduced price of $60 by appointment at the BCUA in Moonachie. Call the BCUA Environmental Programs Hotline: 201-807-5825 to schedule your appointment.

Each compost bin comes with a free compost book and are offered at a tremendous discount.

With ease of use and dependability in mind, the Earth Machine was designed to keep moisture in and unwanted critters out. The Earth Machine’s attractive round design creates optimum composting conditions; no corners for materials to dry out. The locking lid is rodent resistant and prevents the lid from blowing away in strong winds. It has a convenient door for harvesting compost. Plus the entire unit can be easily lifted off the compost pile for complete mixing and turning of the pile.

The Earth machine produces an all-natural soil conditioner, which provides gardens with much needed nutrients, while helping to retain moisture in the soil. The result is significantly higher yields, with a substantial reduction in soil erosion. By turning yard and kitchen waste into a valuable resource, we can contribute to the earth’s natural process of nutrient cycling. That’s good for us and good for the earth.

Features of the Earth Machine include:
  • Large Capacity (80 gallon or 10 cubic feet)
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Easy snap together assembly
  • Fits in any car
  • Durable and lightweight design